Nov 8, 2010

4 miles….40:20….47* slight wind….gear: tank top, LS shirt, shorts, music, hydration belt

Great run this morning. Tried to keep it at recovery pace and was able to breathe thru my nose for most of the run except on the up hills. However I think I must have had a little too much pep in my step to keep it around 11 min miles =)  It felt great though.

I was chilly enough the first 10 min that I wished I had worn my gloves and my headband. I think anytime its under 50 and there is even a SLIGHT wind, I need to wear my gloves and headband.  I LOVED starting out earlier today and still having so much daylight.  Went a new way today. Love that.

It’s 9:30am and I STILL havent gotten my upper body workout in, so I am hoping to do that this afternoon.

On another note, I would REALLY like to get better control over my eating. I am OUT. OF. CONTROL when it comes to foods I really like.  I’m not overweight at all, but I have quite a little pooch below the belly button that drives me bananas.  I am perfectly happy with my waistline, its my ‘hip line’ that leaves me feeling -grrrrrr- everytime I look in the mirror.  With as much as I am exercising, I am sure its all due to my eating habits.

That 400 calorie bowl of ice cream everynight before bed probably isn’t helping the situation either.

But its my fuel for my morning runs, so…….


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10 Responses to Nov 8, 2010

  1. iPathfinder says:

    So, I followed the bread crumbs from ElktonRunGirl’s comment thread. I wear my gloves when it is right around 40, and if it is below 40, I put on my tights. I always wear a hat, as I run by trees that have branches that hang down just a bit into the path, and the brim keeps the branches and spider webs out of my face, but when it gets a bit colder, I will wear a stocking cap under the ball cap to keep my ears warm. That looks like a good run to me.

  2. pathfinder- I am in Nebraksa and SORT of have the clothing issue figure out…usually 52* and up, its shorts and a tank top, 51* and under, its a long sleeve shirt over the tank top which I usually strip 5 min into my run…tights come out for anything under 43* (thickness of tights depending on how low), gloves and headband usually come out around 41 and under or if its windy.
    Those spider webs are beasty aren’t they? YUCK! I think I took down 1/2 the cities spider population this summer with my early morning running.
    With my face.


    • iPathfinder says:

      Nebraska! Yeah, you will have the clothing thing figured out. And in a couple of weeks you run in snowshoes?

      I kill about two spiders just getting past my front porch. We have a plum tree near the front door that they like to see if they can catch me in the mornings so I end up taking out those guys, then there are the ones through the park etc. Good thing I’m not afraid of them, I would have a hard time getting through a couple of the spots I run.

  3. HAHA! Snowshoes. I HAVE thought of that, but I think running would be a little awkward when my ‘feet’ are that big =) Thankfully my next door neighbors has a treadmill they will let me use this winter if I want to.
    I hear ya. Our neighborhood spiders LOVE to thread their webs all around our porch and stairs area, so I always walk out of the house swinging my arms around like a crazy woman so they dont get me in the face!

  4. ERG says:

    Oh BOY do i LOVE ice cream!!!! 😛 (too much)

    I am totally impressed that you can breathe through your nose when running at.all. I must look like a guppy.

    Thanks for all your comments 🙂 I am so glad I found your running blog- it’s great!

  5. Thanks ERG (whats your name by the way? Mine’s Anna) =)
    I can only breathe thru my nose when I am going at a nice easy pace, otherwise I take ‘huffing and puffing’ to the max=)
    Part of the reason I listen to music when I run is due to the fact that my breathing annoys the bajeebers out of me!
    By the way, are you on Daily Mile?

  6. Nej says:

    Mmmmm….ice cream. 🙂

    We’ve been doing a big bowl of popcorn, with loads of butter and salt. It’s gotta stop. 🙂

  7. I hear ya Nej-its addicting!

  8. Mallory says:

    Great run, Anna!! Everything will fall into place! You’re doing great!

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