Nov 6, 2010

8 mile run….1 hour 22 minutes….40*, slight wind….gear: headband, LS shirt, tank top, shorts, Chill Chaser tights, hydration belt, music

Ran this one with my hubby.  Tried to run at a nice easy pace and not focus at all on if I was running fast or slow enough.  I think hubby enjoyed doing it with me, but was probably quite bored =) He’s not a runner but is very athletic and in shape and probably would have had us running 8 min miles or less if HE was to lead the pace. Hopefully next summer I can run some runs at a pace that feels like an actual RUN to him and not a light jog =)

We didnt start out until around 930am which is ABSURDLY late for me. I am a ‘get up and go’ runner and have been waking at 645 and I am out the door by 7. This morning I got up around 745 and snacked on some pringles and cheerios until around 830 or so. Not much because I didnt want to get a belly ache, but enough so that I wouldn’t be starving later.  Around mile 3 in the run my stomach started to growl and I thought ‘oh no…already? What’s mile 7 gonna be like if my tummy is growling already?!’  Thankfully, it went away before we even hit mile 4 and I didnt feel hungry again until we were on our way to Scheel’s and convienently there was a Taco Bell on the way =)  A nacho cheese chalupa tastes MIGHTY fine after an 8 mile run =)

It was 40* out at the start with a good breeze. I was very chilly on the warm up walk, but warmed up enough to take my long sleeve shirt off around 10minutes into the run.  Hubby put some new music on my playlist last night so that was nice.  I may be the only person who likes to rock out to such DIFFERENT music (Jason Mraz -Geek in the Pink, Blackstreet-No Diggity, Alan Jackson-Chattahoochee….What IS a hoocheecoochee anyway?)….

The temps were PERFECT for running and I really REALLY enjoyed the company of my hubby on the run. It was nice to have some new music too.  I was very pleased with the pace and felt pretty good at the end. My knees started to ache a bit around mile 6 thru the end of the run. But an hour later, they felt back to normal. I never know if I need to be worried about the knee aches in my long runs or if they are normal? Considering glucosamine….does anyone else take it?

After the run, we ran over to Scheel’s to look at cold weather gear. My land, that stuff is PRICEY!  I eventually want to get some nice warm running gloves that aren’t thick, but that also don’t cost an arm and a leg. I am also on the lookout for a base layer thermal shirt and base layer thermal tights.  I am hoping Target has something for cheaper than Scheel’s did, but if not I will most likely end up going back there to get them.  Oh and warm socks. My toes have been getting a little chilly on my morning runs.

I am SO excited for the time change! Now I can start my runs earlier like I like too (I do NOT like running in the dark. Ninja, I am not.

Well, maybe just a little…


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4 Responses to Nov 6, 2010

  1. Nej says:

    Ninja…..hmmmmm……I wonder how much fun it would be to run in nothing but black? Black shoes, the works. Would it make me feel sneaky and ninja-like? 🙂

    Way to go on the 8 miles!!!!!!

    I’ve been looking for winter running gear….trying to keep myself psyched about the idea. I love the cold….but have a feeling the ice is going to push me inside more than I’d like.

  2. I’d totally try the all black look if it would make it so I could clear buildings in a single leap! =)
    I hear ya, I think I’ll be able to run in pretty cold temps, but I’m not going to risk icy conditions or if there is too much snow accumulation. But I AM excited to run in my first light snowfall!

  3. Nej says:

    Oh man…..early in the am….light snow falling. Everything is silent. Sounds like pure bliss…I can’t wait!!!!!!!

  4. Doesn’t it sound positively delightful? Cant wait

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