Nov 4, 2010

Nov 4, 2010….2 mile run at an easy pace (21:00)….then home for 14minutes (3 miles) on the elliptical, followed by lower body….42* with a windchill of 35 (BRRR!)…gear: headband, LS shirt, tank top, shorts, Fila running tights, gloves, music (no hydration belt!)

This is the week that I start to run consecutive days.  I am hoping that this transition will be a smooth one as long as I take it easy.  This Saturday I am running 8 miles (with my hubby!!) and then next week is my last week on this 15K plan.  So next week I have a 3, 2, and 9 miles on scheduled. However, I think the lower weekday mileage is to reflect a time of taper for a 15K race, however I will not be racing, so I may bump those miles up a bit.  When I am done, I still plan to jump into a half marathon plan somewhere around mid-way.

Today was CHIIIIILY!  I think an ACTUAL 35* would have been more bareable than 42* with a windchill of 35*.  I didnt even take my LS shirt off during this run. After the first mile I was wishing I hadn’t worn the tank top underneath the LS shirt as I got a little warm and I HATE being warm when I run. However, the warm up walk down to the end of my street I was SOOOOO cold!  I am going to look for a face cover this weekend as my cheeks got pretty cold, and maybe some arm warmers as well, which will be easier to remove than my LS shirt when I warm up.

So anyway, the 2miles went really well. I was able to breathe thru my nose pretty much the whole time which I am going to use as an indicator that I am running at a pace close to recovery.  Then I got home and jumped on the elliptical for 14 minutes (3mi) to complete my cardio for the day.  Then I did lower body and went a little easy on the exertion since I didnt want to poop my legs out TOO much =)  I am so excited to run 8 this weekend!!

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12 Responses to Nov 4, 2010

  1. Nej says:

    I went with a short sleeved shirt, and my lightweight running jacket. While running I was pretty comfy (but my hands were hot in my gloves!)….but that warm up walk was a little chilly. 🙂 I started looking at different balaclavas for my head. Don’t need one yet, but it’s not getting any warmer for a few months. 🙂

  2. Nej says:

    Good luck and have fun with those 8 miles!!!!!

  3. I am planning a 9.3 for Saturday-yikes! Scheel’s has some pretty nice full head balaclavas and some partial balaclavas…more like a mask made from neoprene…

  4. Nej says:

    Yeah, I need to get a longer run in this weekend for sure!!!!

  5. I LOVE the longer runs! Even though I dont go very fast, I feel like such a rockstar, throwing down those kind of miles =)

  6. Nej says:

    When I get back home and can tell hubby (or Daily Mile) folks how much I just ran….it feels awesome!! Long runs are brutal….but I really do enjoy nearly every second of them!!!!!!

    We should get together some time to run. Would be fun to meet in person.

  7. I would love that too!! My hubby is most likely running with me this Saturday, but the following Saturday is a cut back week for me, so I think my long run will either be 6 or 7 miles. If you want to throw down at Lake Z or something, let me know! What is your pace though? I am a pretty slow distance runner =)

  8. Nej says:

    I have a friend coming in from out of town next weekend….but we’ll for sure have to find a time to meet up!

    I ran my half marathon at a little over 11 min miles. Now that it’s over, I’m working on taking my time on my long runs. The idea isn’t to kill myself, just to get the miles in. 🙂

  9. No problem. I am sure we will find a time sometime. By the way, I saw you ask on your blog about a race for next Spring. I think you should do the Lincoln 1/2!

  10. Nej says:

    I’m pretty sure that one is going on my to-do list. And the Des Moines full in the fall (it’s only fair, since DM was my first half as well). 🙂

    Besides that, I don’t know. I’d like to do at least one or two other halves for sure.

  11. I hope to do the Lincoln 1/2 in the spring and then maybe the Omaha 1/2 in the fall. I know its more hilly but I hear it has good crowd support

  12. Nej says:

    OH, I didn’t even think of the Omaha half. I really need to sit down and figure out what the heck I’m going to do. 🙂

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