Nov 3, 2010

Nov 3, 2010….3 mile ‘partial tempo’….42*….gear: headband, LS shirt, tank top, gloves, chill chasers, shorts, hydration belt, music…..UPPER BODY

This is the middle of week 9 of my 10 week plan.  This week I have a 5, 3, and 8 scheduled. But I am going to start running 2 consecutive days a week, so I took 1 mile off of my 5 mile run and only did 4 miles, then today I did 3, and then tomorrow I will do that lost 1 mile and add 1 to it. I am going to run it at recovery pace and then come home and finish up my cardio with a 20-30min elliptical workout. 

So, today I wanted to run a bit a tempo run, but not for the whole 3. I had planned to do a 1 mile warm up at recovery pace, then a 1 mile tempo, then a 1 mile cool down at recovery pace.  So, mile 1 was run in 11:10, then mile 2 I ran in 9 minutes. At the end of that mile I was feeling so good that I decided to not completely slow down to recovery pace.  But at the end of the run, I found out I ran that last mile at the same pace as my tempo mile! I thought it would be slower for sure.  It’s encouraging to see that I am able to run 2 9 min miles in a row and still feel like I have gas in the tank!

I did upper body weights today. I am still using just 5 and 8lb dumbells but I think hubby is going to need to get me a set of 10, or at least 1 10lb-er as I need a little something heavier to do my back work and my triceps…

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