Nov 1, 2010

Nov 1, 2010….4 miles….43:50 (10:56 pace)….40*…gear: headband, tank top, LS shirt, gloves, chill chasers, shorts, hydration belt, music (though I did without the music for a good portion…ran at recovery pace

Wow, I can NOT believe it is November already!

I have jumped back into week 9 of my 10 week 15K plan, only I am doing it a little differently.  I have scheduled, a 5, 3, and 8 mile run, but I want to ease SLOWLY into running 2 consecutive days a week so today I did 4 miles, then Wed I will do 3 and then Thursday, I will do the mile I missed today, plus 1, so 2 miles total for that day.  I am trying to figure out how I should do these runs. At what pace, what order etc… but I am going to try to do all my runs easy this week and next while I am easing into running 2 days in a row-so no speedwork.

I have been looking into trying to do more of my runs accoring to the McMillan running calculator which says my recovery runs should be between 11:44-12:14 per mile.  I will do a recovery run the Monday after a race or long run. So today, I tried to run REAL easy.  So easy in fact that I was able to breathe in and out thru my nose the whole run, except on hills. I was pretty sure I was doing an 11 min per mile pace and that felt REALLY slow to me, so I can imagine if I had tried to run it in 12 min per mile!

I ran without my music for a good portion of this run and actually really liked it.  I thought ‘wow, my breathing isnt annoying me!’, then I remember that I was breathing thru my nose and not huffing like I usually do =)  I stripped my LS shirt of 5 min into my run when I got too warm, but about 3 min later i noticed my arms felt tingly. Not cold, but when I felt them with my hands they were really cold. Weird. So every few minutes I would rub them with my hands to get the tingly feeling to go away.  So next time, I may try to just wear the LS shirt and no tank top when it is around 40* and see how that goes.

I have realized how horrible I am at pacing myself so I am hoping to get a Garmin in the future to help me with that =)

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3 Responses to Nov 1, 2010

  1. Nej says:

    I finally broke down and got some arm warmers. It was easier than pulling an entire shirt off, then putting it back on. 🙂

  2. I NEED to get some arm warmers!! I am going to Scheel’s this weekend to look for a ‘face warmer’ so I may look for some cheap arm warmers too…I have heard of people cutting the feet off of knee high socks and using those instead!

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