Red Kettle Run 5K 10/30/10

What a great, GREAT day!!! I ran my 3rd 5K race this morning and was SHOCKED to see that I beat my old 5K PR by 1:30 finishing at 27:30!!!….It was 48* at race time…gear: LS shirt (stripped before the start of the race), headband, tank top, shorts

Hubby ran with me-this was his first race ever and he did awesome. TOTALLY could have taken this race MUCH faster, but he stayed with me and helped me push my pace a bit thru the whole race.  I need to build my lungs up as my legs could go and go and go but my lungs are screaming ‘What the heck are you doing????’   =)

Race started at 9am at Lake Z about a 7 minute drive from our house, however EVERY light on the way seemed bent on keeping me from getting there on time, BUT make it there we did, with about 10 minutes to spare.  The entry fee was 10 cans of food or $10 so we took our bags of good old chicken noodle soup to the check in area and we were given 2 raffle tickets at one table which you then had to take to another table to fill out a form and get your bib number.  I was #449 and hubby was #450 and if that is a reflection of the # of runners….WOW! This was the first year for this race so I didnt expect there to be that many people there!

Anyway, we get our bib numbers on and line up about 5 mintes before gun-time. Actually, it was ‘cow bell’ time.  Yep. They started the race with a cow bell =)  And we were off!  

Started out too fast again…*sigh*  WHEN will I learn?  Anyway, at about 5min into the race we had a short hill (short in distance) and then about mile 2, another hill.  Bleh. I love running hills in training, but NOT in races.  I ALMOST waked, but pushed thru it.  I was pretty steady the whole race, and even thought there was no way I was going to break 30 minutes.  There were several times where hubby would go a little ahead of me and 1/2 the time I followed him, and the other 1/2 I was doing all I could just to keep up the momentum, so he would slow back down with me.  At about .30-.50 from the finishline, hubby asked if I wanted to pick up the pace til the finish. Well honestly, I had no idea how far we were from the finish so I shook my head no.  Then we rounded a bend (which was also a pretty steep downhill) and I saw the finish line roughly 50yds ahead of me. I saw the big clock at the finish at about 27 minutes and I think my eyes may have bugged out of my head.  So I turned on the rockets and blazed thru to the end.  Past a couple of grade school kids on that final stretch and made sure to turn around to stick my tongue out at them.  No, not really, but that WOULD have been funny. How DO these kids run 5K that fast like its NOTHING?  Not fair I tell ya….

We get to the end and hubby is pretty much still as fresh as a daisy and enjoying watching the people behind us finishing while I wait for the ‘Im gonna hurl’ feeling to pass.  Then I searched for a fellow Daily Mile friend who was participating as well.  Keeley is a sweetheart and I am so glad her and I finally got to meet in person (that’s her and I in the picture up top, she’s on the left, I’m on the right).

I was nervous about how I would do today since I slept pretty poorly last night and woke up earlier than I had planned (wanted to get up around 7:15, 7:30 but woke at 6:30 and could never fall back asleep).  I pretty much always run in the morning and never eat ahead of time so I didnt want to wake too early and give my body a chance to start realizing I wasnt feeding it! However, before my last 2 5K’s I would eat a few pringles about an hour before the race and that would be just a enough to stave off the hunger pangs. So I did that again today and all was well.

Hubby treated me to an early, and very TASTY lunch at Panera when we were done.  A smokehouse turkey tastes much better with the sweet taste of victory already on your tongue =)

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3 Responses to Red Kettle Run 5K 10/30/10

  1. Nej says:

    I hadn’t heard about the Red Kettle Run….or I would have totally been there! Awesome job on the PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I found it on the Omaha Running Club calendar-thats where I find out about all the area races

  3. Congrats on getting a big PR at the 5K! Sounds like a great day!

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