Oct 25, 2010

Oct 25, 2010….3 miles….29:40…53*….gear: LS shirt, tank top, shorts, hydration belt, EXTRA tissue…. =)……upper body weights

I didn’t do any exercise yesterday, I was still mourning my run on Saturday. For some reason I was expecting to run it in about the same pace that I did my 6 miler (a 9:50 pace) but from what I hear-your long runs are suppose to be much slower than your ‘normal’ pace, so maybe my 9:50 pace for my 6 miler was a bit of an anomoly, who knows?  But I am fully recovered and am now looking thru a more optimistic view….instead of ‘wow, I wish I had run that faster’, I am now saying ‘wow, I ran almost EIGHT miles STRAIGHT with no walking!’ for me, that is a feat in and of itself and I need to remember that.  Its all about enjoying running (cuz I do) and not making it all about times and paces as that has a possibility of getting me down. I just need to focus on completing the distance I have set out to do and enjoying it while I do it. 

That said, this morning’s run ALSO felt off!  I think getting up and getting ready when its still dark out, and then starting out under overcast skies just makes me feel all ‘blah-sy’ and makes me want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head.  I probably could have done without the LS shirt as I ended up taking it off 3 minutes into my run (its usually 5 minutes in), but I’m a baby and HATE to be cold during my warm up =)

I switched my race plans.  I had planned to run a 15K on Sunday thru the local YMCA Masters Classic (doesn’t that just SOUND intimidating?! Especially for a new and SLOW runner), but that last long run had me feeling very discouraged. So I switched races and am now doing a 5K on Saturday instead. This race will be in the morning so I feel much better about that. Plus, entry fee is only 10 cans of food or $10! Can’t beat that price =)

Hubby was suppose to run with me, but I think he might be out of the running now. He plays competitive soccer and they had a game on Sunday with no subs (which is really a moot point as he almost ALWAYS plays the whole game anyway) and he got kicked in the inner heel and it made him extend his knee outwards, so he did something to the inside of his knee =( He said he’s had it before but he doesnt remember how long it takes to heal up. He has a soccer game on Thursday too (the Championship of the season) that I dont think he’ll play in either.  I am SUPER bummed he cant run with me as this would have been our first race together, but I am happy to know that I will be meeting some of my ‘Daily Mile’ friends there (I LOVE that site).

Wednesday’s a 2 miler and then the race on Saturday. I have stepped out of my 15K plan for this week and will jump back into it next week with a 5, 2 and 8 miler. For the 8 miler, I am actually going to run to a friends house to drop something off and then run back and around my neighborhood.  I will be chanting to myself ‘enjoy the journey enjoy the journey its not about the pace its not about the pace’…..     =)

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