Oct 20,2010 I ‘kilt’ it!!

Oct 20, 2010….3 mi tempo run….28:06 (!!!)…gear: headband, LS shirt, tank top, Chill Chasers, shorts, gloves, hydration belt…..temp: 40*

WOW! What a great run!! I started out a little after 7 and it was JUST starting to get light out.  Chilly. I was grateful for my cold weather gear!  As usual, I stripped the gloves and LS shirt less than 6 min into my run.  I found a camera bag that we got with a small Kodak camera we recently bought for our girls and for SOME reason, it has a ‘handle’ in the back of it and it slips thru the strap of my hydration belt PERFECTLY!! I am THRILLED, as when I take my gloves and headband off during my run, I usually have to shove them up under my hydration belt and pray they dont fall out. But this ‘pouch’ is the perfect size to hold my gloves and headband. Its probably 3.5″x5″. 

So, I started out pretty fast for this run and was kicking myself as I didnt really think I could maintain the speed I was going at, but since it was a tempo run, I felt I had to give it a fair amount of ‘oomph’, so I kept with it to see how far it would take me.  I had to slow the pace down a bit in mile 2 to catch  my breath, then I cranked it up again the last 1/2 mile.  I’m not sure how to approach these short distance tempos…do I warm up the first 1.5 miles, and then go hard the last 1.5? Do I do a warm up mile before even STARTING the 3 mi tempo? I dont know. I suppose I will just learn as I go along. Regardless, I am happy with my pace.  Its funny because I had been wondering early September, when I would ever be able to run a 10 min mile consistently, and look at me now…a 9:20 pace for 3 miles!!

Did abs last night with hubby. I have been focusing on doing the movements more slow and controlled and I think thats working out my mid-section better. My hubby however can just crank ’em out like it ain’t no thang.  While I look like a sweaty hog left out in the sun all day, he looks like a well groomed throughbred.  ‘Taint fair, I tell ya.

Hopefully with a lot of repetition and stick-to-it-ivness I will morph from the sweaty pig into the throughbred.  One can only hope =)

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