Oct 13 and 14th, 2010

Oct. 13, 2010…Did the elliptical for 33 minutes.  Wanted to get it done in the morning but ended up hitting the snooze. I think I needed the extra sleep anyway.  So I did it mid-morning instead which I really liked (usually I do it after lunch if I miss it in the morning).  No weights yesterday, but I did abs with hubby last night (and the night before). He has a routine made up that he is helping me with and I really like it. Lots of variety.

Oct. 14, 2010…..3 mile run in 30:30.  I checked the forecast before I was suppose to leave and it said 38*. This is the coldest I have run in so I thought surely I would need to dress warm.  I wore: tank top, LS shirt, running tights (Chill Chasers), shorts, thin ‘cheapy’ gloves and my headband.  I started out at 7.  It was beautiful as the sun was JUST starting to rise but I am not liking how its getting darker and darker at the time I want to start running. 

So anyway…walking down my street to warm up I was thankful for my extra gear.  To know how to dress when running in cold weather I had heard: dress as you would if you were walking briskly in temps that are 20* warmer (which would have been 58 in todays case)…and in all honesty, if I was walking in 58* weather, I probably would have dressed even WARMER then I did today! So I don’t think that always applies =)

I ended up stripping the gloves about 3min into my run (and ended up losing them a few minutes later when I stripped my shirt off-oops!) and the LS shirt about 6 minutes into the run.  I could have done w/ out the tights at that point too, but I think for anytihng under 40* I should probably just wear them.  The first 15min of the run felt slow and sluggish, but 15min in, I decided I needed to push it a little bit as this WAS suppose to be my tempo run of the week.  I feel like downhills are getting a little easier for me too, so that’s been nice.  Next run is a 4 miler Saturday (this is cutback week), and then I get to ramp it up next week!

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