Oct 9, 2010

Well, I did it! Ran my longest run to date. 6 miles.

It was a beautiful morning.  A balmy 54 degrees. I debated on whether I should wear my LS shirt over my tank top as I always end up taking it off 5 minutes into my run anyway, so I decided to toughen up and go without it. It wasn’t as chilly as I thought it would be and I’m glad I decided not to wear it. 

After about the first mile, I started to get a twinge in my outer left thigh that went away about mid way thru mile 2.  Then around mile 3-4 my knees started to ache a little bit, so I pulled back the pace a little bit (or so I thought!)

I tried to run this at a pace of 11 min a mile purely on perceived effort as I knew it was a long run and I didnt want to risk injury or fatigued myself early on.  I ran it at a conversational pace which I thought would be about an 11 min per mile pace (I almost never run at a conversational pace).  So I figured I would finish the run in about 1 hour and 6 minutes.  But I finished in 59 minutes exactly.  Oops.

According to Daily Mile, that is a 9:50 per mile pace! To me, anything under 10 is SMOKIN’ fast (for me at least) and I cant believe I ran it in that without even ‘feeling’ it!  I am thinking going very easy in the first half of the run, probably helped me to naturally speed up the 2nd half without even knowing it. 

*Sigh*  I guess this means I’ll need to get a Garmin to make sure I run at the pace I need and want to.


My knees are a still a little achey, though that might not be the right word for it as it really doesn’t hurt, just a little annoying and bothersome. So I am going to put my feet up and try to rest my legs as much as I can today (well, as much as a mom of 5 can!)

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