Oct 7, 2010

I have already done my 2 sessions of cross training this week according to my running plan, but I went ahead and did 33 min (7mi) on the elliptical this morning followed by ab work and upper body weights.  Tomorrow I am going to use as my full rest day for the week. Though I am taking all 5 kiddos to the pumpkin patch for the first time, so I dont know how ‘full rest’ it will actually be =)

I have been getting tired earlier and earlier the last couple weeks. I dont know if its because we are having less daylight, or because I need to change my eating habits, or because I am doing more workouts (maybe all!?) but I get up to workout around 6:40 and am feeling like I NEED to be in bed by 10, where as a few months ago, I wasnt going to bed til around 11 and was feeling fine. HOWEVER my girls having been falling asleep til close to 11! So I dont know how it will work out for me to go to bed that early when I can still hear them whispering and giggling next door =).  I think I am going to try to eat better and see if that helps and maybe try to go to bed 10-15min earlier.  I dont want to cut my workouts down!  I am SO loving exercise right now and I have NEVER said that before!

My run for Saturday is 6 miles! I am WAY excited. I have been mapping out different routes to see what I want to do.  It’s lookin like it’s going to be a beautiful day too!

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