Race for the Cure Oct3, 2010

Starting line

Hello!! This is my first time on WordPress, so please bear with me! I tried to post a picture as well. Am crossing my fingers that it worked! 

I ran my 2nd 5K race yesterday with Race for the Cure and was SUPER pleased.  What a great experience!  My first 5K race was August 28 at the TedEBearHallow 5K/10K.  I ran it in 32:19, so I was hoping to have a time similar to that at Race for the Cure…

It was suppose to be between 40-43 degrees at start time so I was debating on what to wear.  The coldest I had run in was 49 degrees and I ran that in shorts, tank top and a LS shirt, but I ended up stripping the shirt 5min into the run.  I opted to wear the same get up this morning, along with running tights under my shorts, AND a nifty polartec headband to keep my ears warm.  I also geared up with a Nathan ‘Speed 2′ energy belt. It has 2 water bottles and a small pocket that I was able to stuff my keys, phone, camera AND some tissue into (for the post-run snot that is ever-present).  I had my music as well which really gets me scootin’ along. 

I was FLOORED by how many people were there, WOW! At the start of the race, I lined up up front with the chip timed runners.  It was shoulder to shoulder. VERY packed. The gun went off and we shuffled to the start line and then SHUFFLED some more for about the next 20-30 seconds before the crowd thinned out and we were able to start running.  I went too hard AGAIN in the beginning (thought I learned my lesson after doing that at the August 5K and having NOTHING left in the tank the last few mintues)..but after the post-start shuffling incident, I think I felt a need to ‘catch up’. Running with that many people was INSPIRING!  Getting past by a couple guys in tu-tu’s? Not so much =) 

We came around the final turn and I could see the finishline about 50 yards ahead of me. I decided to sprint to the finish. I turned my rocket boosters on and gave it ALL I had.  I blazed by a good 10-12 people on that final stretch and looked at my watch….29:00!!!!!  After the ‘oh my word I think I’m gonna puke in front of hundreds of people!’ feeling passed, I was on top of the WORLD!! I wanted to tell everyone I saw that I just ran a sub30 5K!  But, I refrained.

I LOVE how much I LOVE running!! I am hooked on racing and am constantly trying to figure out which race I want to do next.   Thankfully we have plenty to choose from. 

Thanks for reading!

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