Oct 4, 2010

I am currently following Hal Higdons’ 15 K Novice plan and I am on Week 6. 

My runs for this week are 4, 3, and 6. The 6 miler will be my longest run to date and I am SO excited!  I used the Race for the Cure yesterday as my 3 miler, and I will run a 4 on Wednesday and the 6 on Saturday. I also have 2 cross training days on schedule for this week. 

Today I rode my good ‘ol Raleigh over to Lake Z and then around both sections of the Lake and back home again.  A little less than 10 miles in 50 minutes.  I usually take my camera in hopes of seeing some deer to take pictures for my girls, but I almost NEVER see anything so I decided not to take it this morning.  Yeah.  Big mistake.

I saw 6 deer! SIX! The girls one was on the west side of the lake in a little meadow area about 40 feet off to my right…then as I was still smiling about that one (so about 20 seconds later), I passed another HUGE one LITERALLY 2 feet off the trail on my right. I could have reached out and touched it!!  I was scared for a moment that he would bolt right in front of my bike, but he acted like he didnt even see me!

Then I passed another off to my left about 20 feet from the trail another minute later, and then about 2 minutes after that, I passed THREE off to my left! WOW!  And not only that, a small village of geese had landed on the lake (had to be at least 50  if not more) and a few cranes as well.  What a morning!! 

I havent biked in a while (previous to last weekend) due to it getting to cold in the morning, but I have learned to dress for it and now I am loving it.  I wore running tights w/ pants over top.  A tshirt, long sleeve shirt and jacket.  Gloves, earwarmers and a gaiter…is that what they’re called? One of those do-hickies that you can pull up over your head/mouth, or pull down around your neck…and of course, my helmet.  I stayed warm, but not too warm. It was perfect.  I am so thankful I live close enough that I can just bike over there as we dont have a bike rack..someday hopefully!

I also did upper body weight training and ab work.  I am hoping to add in lower body weight training this week.

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